Tennis Academy Program – ProWorld Tennis Academy

The ProWorld Tennis Academy Program raises the bar and sets a new tennis training standard in group environments.

The customized plans made for each individual athlete are unmatched. This program is designed for the most demanding tennis players, aiming for the highest goals.

Tennis demands a lot from its athletes.

In order to rise to the level of today’s competition, a tennis player must become a perfect athlete. All training elements must be accounted for.

The professional team working side by side with our athletes in this innovative program will ensure all requirements are met day in and day out.

To be at the top, elite athlete’s must take every detail into account. Our world-class team will integrate each aspect of training into the program:

  • Tennis Training
  • Fitness Program
  • Tournament Preparation
  • Periodized Training Schedule
  • Mental
  • Nutrition
  • Injury Prevention


ProWorld Tennis Academy has a hand in creating champions. Imagine training next to a Grand Slam player? Our inspiring environment has made ProWorld one of the top training locations for professional tennis players during their on and off seasons.

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ProWorld Tennis Academy


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